Alqosh, 16 March 2015 – As the internal displacement of Assyrians in #Iraq continues, the need for humanitarian assistance escalates. Many of the internally displaced persons (IDPs) have fled to cities like Nuhadra (Duhok) or Erbil but thousands of IDPs have settled in remote villages where aid organizations have limited access.

The #Assyrian Aid Society of Iraq (AAS-I) and its sister organization, Assyrian Aid Society of America (AAS-A), in cooperation with the Assyrian Evangelical Church of San Jose, California, have successfully executed two aid operations in areas that have reported to be in urgent need. “The contribution from the Assyrian Evangelical Church of San Jose is commendable and with their help, AAS-A and AAS-I can address the #humanitarian needs of those who are internally displaced and living in remote villages with little or no help,” said Natalie Babella, AAS-A Santa Clara Valley Chapter President.

In the villages of Tillan, Hozarjot and Millabarwan villages, located in the #Duhok Governate, four hundred and fifty displaced families received food baskets that included a staple of rice, vegetable oil, meat, milk, bulgur and other nutritional items on February 16, 2015. The relief program in the towns of Alqosh and Sharafiya of the Nineveh Plain included the distribution of kerosene oil on February 17, 2015 to four hundred and seventy five #displaced families. The IDPs in these areas are in dire need of medicine, fuel and food largely because they have no source of income.

The Assyrian Evangelical Church (AEC) of San Jose has continued their contributions to address humanitarian needs in Iraq. “Assyrian Evangelical Church of San Jose is blessed and privileged to have a role with helping our Assyrian Christians who are in dire need in northern Iraq. We thank AAS-I and AAS-A for planning and executing the last two projects on our behalf,” said Vladimir Moghaddasi, AEC Aid-Needy Committee member in San Jose, CA. The AAS-A and AAS-I will continue working with humanitarian partners to deliver the necessary aid to #IDPs and in areas that are isolated and need the most assistance.