Nuhadra, Iraq 18 August 2015 – Violence in Iraq and Syria has displaced thousands of Assyrian families, many who have fled to northern Iraq where the Assyrian Aid Society of Iraq (AAS-I) is working. AAS-I has steadfastly provided services to the displaced families with avenues of informal education and other essential necessities.

With cold Nuhadra winters around the corner, the AAS-I prepares to restore livelihoods of the vulnerable families who have been forced to leave their homes in Syria – leaving everything behind. “The dreadful exodus of Assyrians from Syria to Iraq is insufferable and we want to hear their accounts, comfort them during trying times and provide with the necessary aid. Amongst all the chaos the IDPs have endured, there is a peaceful coexistence amongst them,” said Christina Patto, AAS-I Secretary in Iraq.

The Assyrian Aid Society Iraq (AAS-I) and its sister organization Assyrian Aid Society of America (AAS-A) in cooperation with the Assyrian Evangelical Church (AEC) of San Jose, California, have distributed kitchen utensils and supplies to sixty-five families in Nuhadra on August 18, 2015. AEC has been one of Assyrian Aid Society’s dedicated partners and more importantly throughout the recent crises in Iraq. The AAS-A and AAS-I commend partners like AEC for their dedication in addressing critical humanitarian needs and will continue to coordinate efforts with its partners to provide humanitarian services to IDPs.

AAS-A is a charitable 501(c)(3) non profit organization that advocates for the protection of human rights, educational opportunities and social services serving Assyrians primarily in Iraq. Education has emerged as one of the most esteemed endeavors since the non-profit’s inception in 1991. With thousands of Assyrian families now internally displaced in northern Iraq, the AAS-A has a duty to assist the IDPs who fled their homes and face day-to-day challenges to survive.

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