Zakho, #Iraq, 23 February 2015 -The Assyrian Aid Society of America and Assyrian Aid Society of Iraq continue their efforts to support the education provided to Assyrian children in north Iraq. With over 61 schools that teach the school cirriculum in the Assyrian language, the Assyrian Aid Societies of America and Iraq want to provide these children with school supplies that will make their educational journey a little more exciting amidst the staggering devastation in Iraq.

The school supply distribution was funded by the Assyrian Aid Society of America and included 280 students in the Shlama o Zakhota High School in Bersive, Zakho, Iraq. With our legendary Assyrian singer present, Ashur Bet Sargis, the children’s faces lit up. Please help us continue these projects by becoming an AASA Lifeline Pledger today.