After ISIS kidnapped many of his relatives in Syria,Fadi, a local Assyrian artist, reflects on his people’s dire condition in ironic and profound thoughts. While he works on his new art piece, the filmmaker travels back to his ancestors’ homeland exposing the atrocities and searching for hope.

The Assyrian Christians are an indigenous ethnic minority group also known as Syriac or Chaldean. Still suffering from unhealed wounds from the unrecognized genocide in 1915, they face a new threat by ISIS that could cost them a millennia-old existence in the region.

In February 2015, ISIS invaded their last heavily concentrated region in Syria destroying most of their villages and kidnapping over 200 civilians.Their fate is still uncertain.

Film shot in Turkey, Iraq and Syria in 2015

Film Length: 25 minutes

Subtitled in English

Funded in part by the Assyrian Aid Society of America