Gilgamesh Power Lifting Competition, an upcoming event on November 15, 2015, will bring the Assyrian community of Chicago together in a fun, safe arena. A competition that will encourage fitness and health in staying physically active while raising money for the mission of the Assyrian Aid Society of America.

The competition will have various weight classes (lbs) such as 140-160, 160-180, 180-200, 200 plus. Each competitor will be able to compete in as many lifts as they would like. The main competitive lifts will be bench press, squat, dead lifts, power cleans, and shoulder military press. Judges will be present to determine the winners who will receive trophies. An active emergency team will be present during the event to ensure the lifters’ safety. Age requirement: 18 years and older.

Every competitor will be required to sign a health agreement contract guaranteeing any injuries will not hold the AAS of Chicago or MYBODY COMPLEX responsible. Each competitor will be asked to sign a waiver releasing Assyrian Aid Society from their liability to pay for any injuries.

Download the form below to complete Waiver Release Form and Application and send it to