It is with great sadness that we announce and mourn the loss of a dear friend, true humanitarian, and one of our greatest Assyrian leaders, Mr. Ashur Sargon Eskrya, President of the Assyrian Aid Society – Iraq.
Rabi Ashur did much to make Assyrian Aid Society what it is today. His energy and passion fueled and propelled the work on a daily basis. He was known and respected for his achievements and his depth of knowledge in Assyrian history and all of its current affairs. Rabi Ashur’s tireless efforts in bringing international attention to the plight and struggle of Assyrians is commendable and will be remembered and honored for generations to come.
Our entire Assyrian Aid Society family offers its condolences to Rabi Ashur’s beloved wife, Rosena; his son and two daughters; his four brothers and other family; and all of his friends across the world. The world has lost a true leader and, most importantly, a great human being. We will honor his memory by dedicating ourselves to continuing the work he loved so much, of helping those in need and helping the Assyrian nation thrive in our ancestral lands.
Rest in peace, our dear Rabi Ashur, your absence will always be felt.